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Ways to Establish a Parent-Teacher Relationship

By Sylvan Learning

Why Kids Should Learn to Code_Sylvan Learning_Thumb_220x220

Why Kids Should Learn to Code

By Jennifer Apy

School Transistion_Sylvan Learning_Thumb

School Transition: Navigating the Leap from Elementary to Middle School

By Sylvan Learning

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10 Good Study Habits to Help Your Child Succeed in ...

By Sylvan Learning

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An Experienced Educator’s Advice to Parents: Firm and Kind

By Dr. Rick Bavaria

220x220 Spelling

Five Summer Spelling Tips

By Dr. Rick Bavaria


Singing and Memory Recall Games for Kids

By Dr. Rick Bavaria

Report Card Advice_Sylvan Learning_Thumb

Report Card Advice for Parents

By Sylvan Learning

Glasses_Sylvan Learning_Thumb

Does Your Child Need Glasses?

By Dr. Rick Bavaria

Genre_Sylvan Learning_Thumb

How to Find a Book Genre Your Child Will Love

By Sylvan Learning

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