Math Help

At times after a long holiday break there’s a higher risk for remembering the math skills a child has worked on over the past few months. Here are some tips and tricks for getting back into the swing of things. Make math hands-on Make math move Make math techie Make it on-the-go Make it fun […]

You’re trying to avoid any summer learning loss but don’t want to spend your days filling out math worksheets. No problem. We have fun ideas to make math fun this summer! Get Math Active Try Sidewalk Chalk Math: You can turn hopscotch into practice for math facts or skip counting. But what else can you […]

March is National Math Month!  Math is actually one of the subjects parents inquire about most at Sylvan Learning Centers, so I thought I’d compile a list of games and resources to help parents make math fun for their kids.   1. Count.  Just as you played the “let’s-find-as-many-B-letters-as-we-can” game in the car when she was […]