Education Apps

There are plenty of apps out there, but which ones are appropriate and promote learning? Learn more here.

Before you head out to buy a lot of Christmas toys this year, ask yourself — what happened to the toys from last year? Forgotten? Bottom of the toy box? Never taken out of the box? Interesting for only two days? These are common mom observations, and it can be a challenge to find meaningful […]

Later bedtimes and long car trips mean more tech time. This summer, take advantage of the best education apps to fuel learning and creativity all summer long. Trivia Triumphant (Ages 7 and up) Keep the year’s lessons fresh in your child’s mind this summer with Brain Quest Blast Off. Challenge your child to answer math, […]

During the first week of first grade, my son’s teacher asked what her students wanted to learn in first grade. Reading and math were popular answers, but my son chimed in that he wanted to learn how to make websites. His teacher focused on the more popular topics that year. Back then computer programming, or […]