Age appropriate reading lists that kids will love!

Does your child enjoy reading? If not, in honor of National Book Month, we’ve put together these eight ideas to help make reading more enjoyable for them.   1. Give them a choice of what to read. Most of a child’s day is filled with adults telling them what to do and when to do […]

Before you head out to buy a lot of Christmas toys this year, ask yourself — what happened to the toys from last year? Forgotten? Bottom of the toy box? Never taken out of the box? Interesting for only two days? These are common mom observations, and it can be a challenge to find meaningful […]

Summer is the best time for kids to get lost on a literary journey. But where to start? We’ve found the best resources from across the Web to help children of all ages find the summer stories that’ll keep them hooked and happy. Figment is a community where your teens can share their writing, connect […]