Jensen’s Testimonial – Improved Grades

By Sylvan Learning

sylvan learning review and testimonial - Jensen

All children learn differently and at their own pace.

This is a truth that so many parents recognize, especially if they have children with different learning styles and needs. Many teachers also take factors such as learning speed and style into consideration when creating class plans. But despite the care that so many teachers take, and the support that so many parents give, sometimes children just need a little boost to bridge the gap between their capabilities and their comprehension.

This is exactly what happened for Nanette Chertudi and her son Jensen. Nanette described feeling both confused and concerned when Jensen’s grades began to slip. “When he started to fall behind a little bit, there were questions raised: Is there something wrong?” she said.  Since Jensen had done well in school before, she was sure there had to be a reason behind it.

Much to Nanette’s relief, she found that the only thing Jensen needed to be successful was a little extra attention from a tutor. “I knew in my heart this little boy is super intelligent, and he just needed the love,” she said.

Nanette found the love she was looking for when she enrolled Jensen at a local Sylvan center. The staff gave Jensen an initial assessment to determine what his strengths, weaknesses, and skill gaps were. Since his assessment showed he needed some extra help with math, the center staff designed a personal learning plan for him to help build up and enhance his math abilities.

After Jensen had been attending his tutoring sessions for a little over a month, his personal tutor was pleased to see how much progress he had made in the short time he had been there.

“Four or five weeks later, I gave him the same 100-problem test that he brought home from school. He did it in four and a half minutes – the entire thing!” Jensen’s tutor said.

As for Jensen himself, he expressed that it’s not just his grades that have improved. He said he has a newfound confidence in math class that he did not have before attending Sylvan. “It feels a lot better because now I’m participating with the class, and I wasn’t doing that before,” he said. “Thank you so much because it’s helping me so much with my grades and everything.”

Nanette is delighted with her son’s progress. She emphasized how the compassionate learning environment that Sylvan created for Jensen contributed to his achievement. “It’s nice as a mother to know that you’re sending your kids into somewhere where the people care about them,” she said.

The tutoring programs Sylvan provides can help your child, too. With a personal learning plan like Jensen’s, your child can begin their journey to school success. To learn more about Sylvan’s math, reading, writing, and homework help programs, visit

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