Summer STEM Travel Vocabulary

By Kim Vij

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Summer time can be filled with opportunities to discover STEM with your child. Summer travel can provide unique opportunities to explore STEM Vocabulary. With a little bit of pre-thinking and on the spot thinking, you can provide your child with a whole new level of learning while traveling.

As you plan your vacation or even daily activities at home this summer, consider ways that you can incorporate STEM concepts into the experience. As you select things to do, ask yourself, would an engineer or scientist be excited to experience this with you? Then that’s your spot to explore and practice using some concepts of STEM as you chat with your child.

Where to consider finding opportunities to discuss STEM Vocabulary during Summer Travel?

  • Children’s Museum
  • Science Museum
  • Parks
  • Nature Trails
  • Amusement Parks
  • Airports
  • Architecture Tours
  • Water Parks
  • Train and Boat rides

As you can see just about anywhere you plan your summer adventure there are opportunities to explore STEM Vocabulary Words with your child. Don’t forget to add a few STEM Books in an activity basket for your road trip too!

What are the basic principles behind STEM to discuss?

Science: The process of finding out about the world and how it works by exploring, gathering data, looking for relationships and patterns, and generating explanations and ideas using evidence.

Technology: The tools that have been designed to meet human needs such as balance scales to compare weights, lenses to look closely at living things, and digital tools like computers and tablets.

Engineering: The process of designing tools, systems, and structures that help humans meet their needs or solve problems.

Mathematics: The study of quantities (how many or how much), structures (shapes), space (angles and distances), and change.

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Children naturally are surrounded by STEM vocabulary

The reality is our children are naturally drawn towards STEM concepts. As they explore with their minds and with their senses, they are observing, asking questions, designing, building, testing, and solving problems. As parents and teachers, it’s our job to help them verbalize what they are doing. Taking time before your adventure to discuss concepts you will see is a great way to start. When children understand and use these words it can help them engage in STEM learning and increase their overall vocabulary development. Here are some questions to ask your child while traveling this summer to experience STEM concepts with your child.

STEM Questions To Ask While Traveling

  • Let’s Compare
  • Can you predict?
  • How would you plan?
  • What did you discover in your investigation?
  • How would you design?
  • What did you observe?

Once you’ve selected your summer activity find ways that your child can observe, investigate, ask questions, measure, design and build. The more that your child hears a word the better they will understand what it means and then will be able to use it themselves.

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As a Parent be a STEM Observer

As your child explores locations this summer stop and take note of their actions. Vocalize what they are doing by labeling your child’s action. Point out if they observe, predict, discuss, investigate, design, plan, construct, explain, and problem solve. Making these words a part of their everyday vocabulary will give them the EDGE as they grow their skills with STEM.

Create Summer STEM Vocabulary Concepts at Home

Create a summer STEM journal with your child as you go on summer adventures. Encourage your child to write down their observations. See how they can prompt their own inventions and experiments too at home. Need a few ideas, here are 50+ Ideas to explore STEM.