Summer Science Projects

By Kim Vij


Summer has arrived which is the perfect time to start a science project with your child at home.  Summer science projects give your child a chance to investigate and develop skills of making predictions and observations.  Plus, you can sneak in a little reading, writing and math too, making it all together a creative way to keep their basic skills a focus during the summer months.

Summer Science Journal

Using a printable Science Journal or spiral notebook will help you get started on your summer of science. The journal will help them begin to look at things and ask the question “WHY?” Encourage your child to use their science journal as they observe and question their surroundings.  Use the science journal to capture images, too.  You could even consider making a digital science journal, where they can type up their findings and keep images and videos that they’ve taken on your cell phone.

No matter which type of summer science project your child chooses, there are some basic steps in the scientific process they need to focus on each time they try a new one.  The scientific method is a process that will encourage your child to learn to observe, predict, experiment, interpret and draw a conclusion. Here are the steps:

Steps of the Scientific Method

  • Purpose: State the Problem.
  • Research: Find out about the topic.
  • Hypothesis: Predict the outcome to the problem.
  • Experiment: Develop a procedure to test the hypothesis.
  • Analysis: Record the results of the experiment.
  • Conclusion: Compare the hypothesis to the experiment’s conclusion.

As your child explores this summer, continue to ask them questions that focus on these main areas to help them keep their EDGE on Science.

Summer Science Projects

Summer Science Projects can be found all over your kitchen with basic household items like baking soda, vinegar, food coloring, dish soap or even with your movie night popcorn.  Discover outdoors in the yard or in your garden and the variety of life that’s occurring and changing there.  Encourage your child to look up at the sky, the sun can be a very inspirational source for ideas of change and temperature for Solar Science Projects.  Bubbles, chalk and even water play can inspire a scientific theory that needs to be tested by your curious scientist.  Encouraging our children to think outside the box will help them focus on science skills all summer long.

If your child needs a little extra guidance to explore a summer science project, a simple stop at the local craft store or a quick peek online at Amazon or Spangler Science will take you to tons of resources to purchase, too.  One favorite source with teachers and parents is Pinterest to discover science projects.

Set Aside Time for Summer Science Projects

One tip that’s recommended is to set aside a special time each week that you focus on your summer science project.  Consider a time once a week as your science day and then observe the project throughout the week.  Science themed get-togethers with friends can be lots of fun and build great conversations that last all summer long.

Resources for Summer Science Projects

Build up your child’s confidence and sense of wonder this summer by creating an environment that supports summer science projects.  You never know what they just might discover!