Summer Learning Activities

By Emily Levitt

Timely topics

Did you know that the average student loses about a month’s worth of learning over the summer? There are a few things you can do at home to keep your student’s brains and bodies active. Fall is coming fast! Let’s look at a few ways to stop the slide and prepare for the new school year with fun, summer learning activities.


Sidewalk Chalk

It’s not just for drawing! Sidewalk chalk offers endless opportunities for students to be outside and practice basic skills. Turn your walk into a reading or math hopscotch wonderland!



Instead of drawing a hopscotch path with numbers, draw one with math problems! Then, ask your child to solve the problems by hopping.  “Hop to the answer 9,” etc. The level of difficulty of the math problems can grow as your child masters math facts.




Get bendy with sight words! Draw a Twister board with sidewalk chalk, but instead of colored circles, write sight words in each circle. Right foot “see!” Left hand “my!”



Nature Scavenger Hunt/Bingo

Combine art and science with this fun game board. Plan a trip to the woods or the local aquarium or zoo. Before you go, create scavenger hunt boards with all of the plants and animals you may see there. Who can find the most? If you create a board with 5 columns and 5 rows, you can create a bingo board. I need a lobster for the win!



Photo Safari

Let your child’s art skills roar! Many local zoos offer photo safari programs. Students can bolster science skills by learning about animals, habitat and conservation status. At the same time, students can learn or perfect an art form –photography. Exploring lighting, lenses, angles and frames can show your student how to make the most of animal encounters.



STEM Camps

Sylvan offers dozens of STEM camps in robotics, coding, engineering and science. The STEM activities offer hands-on opportunities for students to expand their knowledge in a fun, collaborative way. And who doesn’t love robots?

For camp availability, pricing and scheduling information, please contact your local Sylvan Learning center!