Start Thinking About Summer Programs Now — a Few Considerations

By Sylvan Learning

Middle School

Summer programs can be a great opportunity to help your child get ahead in school. Taking classes after the school year ends can help reinforce previous coursework and, if needed, offer personalized attention. Summer programs can also give your child a head start on college admissions and offer top-notch learning opportunities. Don’t wait until the last minute — now is the time to plan your child’s schedule. Here are several factors to keep in mind as you evaluate summer programs.


1. Academic Reinforcement

Summer programs can be a great way to reinforce concepts learned during the school year. Students can do a deeper dive and develop a stronger foundation for the coming school year. Another option is to take advanced coursework and start the upcoming school year with a leg up. Summer learning can provide tremendous benefits, regardless of the subject. Some programs even offer courses of study in critical areas such as STEM (science, technology, engineering, and math), where a strong foundation is essential.





2. Opportunities for Personalized Attention

In many cases, summer courses mirror those in the regular semester. Students learn in a classroom setting with a group of their peers. However, one key advantage of summer programs is the opportunity to get personalized tutoring. Tutoring can condense a great deal of material into a handful of sessions and help students more strongly engage with the material as well. More importantly, the best programs don’t take a one-size-fits-all approach. Sylvan’s Personalized Tutoring programs offer individualized tutoring that is adaptive, adjusting to your child’s learning needs.




3. College Admissions Preparation

Summer programs may offer opportunities for general enrichment, but they are also a great way to prepare for college admissions. Taking a series of AP, honors, or other prep courses over the summer can show schools your child can handle college-level coursework. As we mentioned, summer programs can provide a great foundation for coursework during the school year as well, giving your child a better shot at a top GPA. Some programs also provide guided preparation for the SAT, ACT, IB, or other critical standardized tests. If you’re thinking about programs like these for your child, consider Sylvan’s Test Prep course offerings. Our tutors know how to explain concepts, ease frustrations, and build confidence!





4. Location-Based Learning

Summer programs don’t just have to be in your hometown. While local courses may be more convenient, you can explore programs in other states and, in some cases, other countries. Depending on the program and what your child wishes to study, overseas programs can provide tremendous benefits. Imagine studying European history in London, or studying French in Paris! Overseas programs can provide a whole different dimension to learning and provide opportunities to meet students from around the world.


Summer programs are a valuable opportunity for students of any age. With some planning early on, you can help ensure your child gets into the program that best suits his or her specific needs and goals!