So, What Is School Support at Sylvan?

By Sylvan Learning

High School

It’s been said time and time again: This school year will be different than any of us could have imagined. But you and your family are not alone.

If you need support with your “new” school schedule, whether it be on hybrid days or if your school is 100% virtual, your child can come to our centers for in-person School Support. We’re open during regular school hours to provide your family a safe and secure place for your child on remote learning days (or any day you need)!


“As a parent of three children … I naturally was concerned about the quality of the education my children received at the end of last school year and the start of this year with distance learning. After just a couple of days, it was clear that my elementary schooler was not able to sit in front of his computer from 8am-2pm and stay focused and on task. Later that day, I received an email from my employer that Sylvan had partnered with the Bright Horizons School-Age Learning Program. I quickly applied and received a call from [Sylvan]. My son started the following week, and the second I picked him up, it was clear our family had made the right choice. He was smiling from ear to ear and couldn’t wait to tell me all about what he learned at school AND the fun activities [Sylvan] did with him during his downtime. Sylvan Learning has exceeded my family’s expectations, and we are relieved he is getting the best possible education available.”
– Phil B., School Support


Yes, I want in-person School Support for my child!


Have questions? Here are the most popular questions about School Support we’ve heard from families. Check out our answers below. Or, give your local Sylvan a call to chat with one of our Team Members today!


What students can get School Support at Sylvan?

Your K-12 child can sign up for School Support at your local Sylvan! We have a variety of options, including full- or half-day programs.


What do the Sylvan centers look like? How will I know my child will be safe?


The health and safety of our students is our top priority! Your local Sylvan has implemented a number of safeguards to protect everyone. Following mandated guidelines, all students and staff will be have a daily temperature check upon arrival and will be required to wear masks at all times.

We’ve reorganized our centers with student seats to be 6+ feet apart from their teacher and other students. We’ve also placed plastic table-top shields in between student and teacher, so that face-to-face learning can still happen, even while social distancing.

There are sanitizing stations throughout the center, frequent handwashing and repeated disinfecting of workspaces. The protocols we have in place not only meet, but exceed recommended standards. Rest assured, your child can interact with teachers (and peers) in a safe way. (Safe and socializing? It’s a win-win!)


What will a typical day look like?


First, we’ll work with you to get your child’s schedule, school portal and Zoom/Google Meet log-in information and teacher contacts. Our team will ensure your child logs in to his or her online school sessions, stays on track with school work and turns in the weekly assignments. We’ll ensure all students stay on task, stick to their schedules and get questions answered along the way.

For full-day students, we will also incorporate grade-appropriate structured learning activities that your child can work on to reinforce math reading and writing skills, increase fluency, computation practice and much more.


How will students interact with Sylvan School Support Coaches?


We know that nothing can replace that face-to-face time with classroom teachers that students will be missing, but with Sylvan, your child can get consistent learning support. Our team of education experts are here to provide that friendly and caring personal touch. Kids have always loved coming to Sylvan. They’ll love it even more now as they crave a sense of normalcy.


How will kids be able to pay attention to their online sessions?


All students will be asked to bring earphones so they can listen in and focus on their own virtual sessions. With the entire center set up this way, it will ensure students stay focused and in “school mode” while they are at Sylvan.


Will my child get 1:1 tutoring while they’re at Sylvan for School Support?


School Support does not include personalized 1:1 tutoring, but if your child needs additional support in a subject area, our staff can work with you to address any needs or goals you have. Talk to your local Sylvan team about adding additional personalized tutoring hours or homework help before or after your School Support hours


Why do this instead of a “Learning Pod?”


Learning pods are a big trend for families trying to juggle virtual learning. Although they have their advantages, knowing that there is a set structure, professional oversight and safety standards followed by a team of education experts will set parents’ minds at ease