Six Ways to Streamline Your Morning Routine for your Family

By Sylvan Learning

Education Occasions

From the moment the alarm rings, mornings can be hectic and it’s sometimes a struggle to get everyone out the door on time. However, using a few tactics to streamline your morning routine, the process can become a lot smoother for the whole family.


Here are some ideas for parents like you to speed up your morning routine:


1. Get organized the night before. Make sure all homework is finished and packed away along with books and school supplies. Line everything up by the door to grab on your way out – this is your “launching pad” for the day. You’ll be amazed at how much easier mornings are when kids aren’t scrambling to remember where their math book is or where the literature homework ended up.


2. Get up 20-30 minutes before your kids. This will allow you time to relax, make a cup of coffee, take the dog for a quick walk or peruse the morning news before your kids start their daily routine.


3. Create a soundtrack to keep everyone on track. Assign different songs for different activities – one for when it’s time to brush teeth, one for breakfast, one for when it’s time to leave the house, and so on.


4. Create a daily checklist. You and your children can pull this together the night before. Maybe your daughter has show and tell at school or your son has football practice. List out all items that will be needed for the day and make sure everything is accounted for before leaving the house.


5. Make mornings educational. Yes, mornings are often jam-packed but don’t forget to squeeze a little learning in. If it’s a special day, like Columbus Day, use the morning’s breakfast discussion as a time to learn about the history behind the holiday. You can check out Learning at Home by Rhonda Cratty for some fun themed ideas.


6. Have a backup. At some point, you or your kids will forget something that’s needed for the day. Save time and headaches by having a backup supply kit in the car. You can keeps things like school supplies, extra clothes and snacks handy in a container in the trunk.


How do you streamline your morning routine? Tell us in the comments below!