Robotics and Coding are Changing the Future for our Children

By Sylvan Learning

Tech Ed

Many times we hear that technology is harmful to children. However, it can be great for them! It is up to us as parents to help our kids not only survive growing up in a tech-filled world, but also thrive and stay one step ahead of today’s ever-changing technology. Children today can create amazing things when they’re equipped with coding and robotics know-how such as online games, apps and real robots! Not only can they build and create cool projects, but learning these skills will also provide your children with:

  1. Active minds
  2. Problem-solving skills
  3. Strategy formation and completion of task
  4. Interactive and hands-on activities
  5. Practical STEM skills

Did you know April 8-16 is National Robotics Week? Sylvan Learning is offering classes in Robotics and Coding, as a part of their EDGE program, for children that are interested in these fields. The new courses will provide your children with a world of opportunities in the growing field of STEM. Join us today in honor of National Robotics Week taking place April 8-16. Our EDGE programs including Robotics and Coding classes are great for children interested in STEM subjects. These courses will provide your children with a world of opportunities and inspire your child to master 21st-century skills that are important for today’s growing STEM careers. Click here to read and learn more.