The Rise in Digital Classrooms

By Sylvan Learning

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Kids today are digital natives with technology inserting itself into every aspect of their lives, including the classroom. From phones and tablets to laptops and TVs, there is no shortage of ways for kids to be connected and consume information.


Embracing the opportunities that technology presents for education, the U.S. government is helping classrooms across the country go digital. The Obama Administration has pledged to provide high-speed Internet connections to 15,000 schools over the next two years. More and more districts have started supplying students with tablets and laptops and most recently, President Obama announced commitments from software companies to donate software to teachers.


Here are a few ways that digital classrooms are changing education:

1. More Curriculum Choices. Technology has enabled schools to mix and match curriculum materials to achieve the best program for teachers and students. This combination could range from teacher-created worksheets to open education resources to publisher-provided programs. This could also mean supplementing written text with related videos in order to appeal to different learning styles.

2. Multiple Resources in One Device. A tablet can function as a powerful graphing calculator, video player, photo editor and research library all in one. With so much information at a student’s fingertips, teachers and parents must make sure that screen time is being used constructively and keep distractions to a minimum.

3. Real-Time Data Collection and Feedback. Students no longer need to wait for their teacher to grade and return an exam to get feedback in the digital classroom. For example, educators now have the option of giving multiple-choice exams on tablets. With certain programs, they can track student progress via live stream as the exam is being taken and see data such as the percentage of students that answer a question correctly, the time it takes to complete each section of the test and individual student results. This information could be shared with students within minutes of the test concluding.

Sylvan Learning is embracing the digital classroom with SylvanSync™. This innovative approach to learning blends great teachers with SylvanSync™ technology on the iPad® for an engaging learning experience. When completing lessons, students can receive real-time feedback of their work and the teachers can pinpoint what students know and don’t know. With this information, Sylvan teachers can tailor their lessons accordingly.


Read more about the rise in digital classrooms in this recent New York Times article.


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