Parenting Truths: Here’s Why Parents Wish the Dog Really Did Eat Their Kids’ Homework

By Sylvan Learning


Parenting Truths Survey

Summer’s almost here! Aren’t you excited about not having to struggle with your kids’ homework anymore? If so, you are not alone. As curriculums change and school becomes more challenging, many parents are feeling rattled by their children’s homework. Students are being taught new STEM concepts that are foreign to many parents. This in turn exposes gaps in parents’ knowledge, adding to their intimidation. To uncover some hidden truths from parents regarding their feelings about their children’s homework, we conducted a survey. The survey was geared toward parents with kids ages 5-12. What we found out may shock you…or provide you with a sense of comfort knowing you’re not alone! Summer parenting Truths_Sylvan Learning_Original 1


A whopping 83% of parents with children ages 5-12 have sought help answering their child’s science or math homework (Thanks, Google!). Of that vast majority, 55% admitted to doing it frequently. Another interesting result shows that 66% of parents have used stall tactics to delay answering their child’s homework questions such as flipping the question back on the child to get their thoughts and passing the question off to the other parent. Even something as confusing as the electoral process comes off as easier to parents in comparison to their child’s homework. More than 1 in 3 parents believe it’s easier to understand the U.S. electoral process than their child’s math homework. Summer parenting Truths_Sylvan Learning_Original 2

Don’t Get Too Comfortable

Summer is a great break from the hectic, challenging school year. However, we must keep the minds of our kids fresh and active to prevent summer learning loss. For tips on preventing summer learning loss, click here Also, take full advantage of Sylvan Learning’s EDGE courses. Sylvan Learning’s EDGE classes, including Engineering, Robotics, Coding and more, are a fun way to keep children engaged and learning in a fun, hands-on atmosphere. Take a second to sign them up for our EDGE program