Not All Tutoring Programs are Created Equal

By Sylvan Learning

Elementary School

It’s easy to lump all tutoring together, but don’t let generalizations fool you. Not all tutoring programs are created equal. Nor is tutoring the same thing as classroom learning. At Sylvan, tutoring is a highly personal approach to learning, and it works.

Our focus is not just on right answers, impressive test scores and stronger skills — although our methods produce plenty of all three. We love engaging kids in a way that builds their confidence, helps them discover how to learn and puts them on the path to long-term success.

Here are five reasons why Sylvan Learning is different and better than other tutoring and “enrichment” programs.

1. We make learning personal

At Sylvan, we understand that learning doesn’t happen automatically because a child sits in a classroom, opens a textbook or completes a worksheet. Learning is personal.

Your child isn’t one-dimensional. The way he or she learns shouldn’t be either!

That’s why we offer diverse academic programs. We want to make sure your child is learning in the way that works best for him or her — at the right pace, in the right style, with the right skills.

In math, for example, we have multiple academic programs depending on your child’s unique strengths and needs: personalized math tutoring, math skill programs, math homework help and even STEM programs.

We help you figure out what makes the most sense for your child, so you’re getting the best solution for your family.

Assessment with Daniel

2. We deliver big-time results

Results matter, and we deliver. How do we know? We are the only tutoring and enrichment company that measures our academic achievement in a systematic manner across our centers.

Students in our Personalized Tutoring programs can see up to three times more growth than non-Sylvan students.

Three times!

3. We engage kids at a deeper level

We believe that true learning — the kind that makes children smarter and more excited — requires a personal approach that truly engages kids in learning.

That’s why our tutoring programs follow a proven, four-step process called Sylvan Insight. Others have tried to imitate it, but there is no equal.




We start with our in-depth Sylvan Insight Assessment to understand your child’s academic strengths, weaknesses, beliefs and behaviors. It offers unmatched insight into your child — including how your child compares to others in his or her grade level, skill opportunities and even self-limiting beliefs.

Yes, our assessment tells us exactly where we need to start to get the best results. Just as important, it helps us get to those deeper obstacles that may be in the way of your child’s success! Our in-depth assessment is just the beginning, though.

We follow our assessment with the creation of a personal learning plan that’s unique to your child. Using the best technology and teachers, we guide your child and adjust our pace to your child’s skills. And we measure and reward progress to get the best results and keep your child engaged.

4. We accelerate learning with technology

Kids are digital natives. Many have been swiping screens and tapping on keyboards since they were in diapers! Sylvan has made it a priority to invest in technology, and we have the most advanced technology of all supplemental education companies. We use it every day to make learning more fun, accelerate your child’s progress and keep your family engaged and in the loop.

  • SylvanSync™ — our innovative instructional system — allows our teachers to share interactive lessons on iPads®. These lessons adapt to your child’s skills and pace. SylvanSync makes learning much more fun and accelerates skill mastery.
  • Each Sylvan family has a personalized web portal, so you’re fully up-to-speed on your child’s progress even when you’re on the go.
  • Our mobile games network is a library of fun, Sylvan-approved educational apps. We offer your family guilt-free screen time through mobile phones and tablets.
  • And no other company incorporates technology into its STEM programs like Sylvan. From the use of netbooks, to award-winning software (such as LEGO® Education’s WeDoTM software), we spark kids’ imaginations every day.

5. We find the perfect balance between guidance and practice

Sylvan Instruction with Ethan

Imagine you’re handed a golf club and asked to practice a swing for 30 minutes. At the end of that time, an instructor comes by and tells you what you’ve been doing is wrong. You’ve been teaching yourself to swing incorrectly.

Self-learning has its limitations. In all of our programs, we find the right balance between putting your child on the right path and building self-reliance.

Our certified teachers do more than instruct. They’re here to challenge and inspire your child — and they’re experts at doing so. Along the way, your child gets hands-on experiences with how subjects are taught in school, along with independent practice time. And all of it takes place in a low stress, small group setting.

This balanced approach ensures your child masters concepts with minimal frustration while building problem-solving skills and self-confidence.

Sylvan’s Here for You: We Grow With Your Child!

Yes, doing well in math, reading and writing are important for your child’s long-term happiness, self-confidence and success. But there’s so much more. As your child progresses through school, your needs will evolve. You may want to:

  • Give your child access to fun, hands-on experiences with STEM that offer an edge for 21st-century careers
  • Help your child develop strategic skills — such as effective study skills — that can make him or her a much better student under pressure
  • Better prepare your child for college admissions and success in college

What truly sets Sylvan apart is our ability to partner with your family and guide you through every step of your child’s academic journey.

From tutoring to STEM enrichment, to getting into college, we’re right there with you, preparing your child for greater success in life. We’ve transformed the lives of millions of children and their families through our proven approach to tutoring.

How can we make your child more successful?