Nature Scavenger Hunt Printable

By Crystal & Co.

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Just because school is back in session doesn’t mean you have to stop outside activities! Any opportunity to be outside and learning is a great day at our house. My boys love learning with their hands, they love science and they love exploring.

I thought it would be fun to do an environmental science project with the boys. When I mentioned walking the trails by our house and looking for bugs, their eyes lit up!

nature scavenger hunt printable

We printed out the nature scavenger hunt and each boy was given a copy.

Each boy picked his favorite marker and we headed to the trails, but you can take crayons or map pencils instead. Make this as easy as you want. If you have a child who wants to color with great detail, let he or she! If your child just wants to mark the items off with a marker as he or she finds them, that is perfectly fine, too.

We also grabbed a magnifying glass and our favorite nature book so we could look up animals and insects and learn more about them as we found them on our hunt.

STEM scavenger hunt for kids

All three of our youngest boys found everything on their lists. They compared notes and asked lots of questions.

nature scavenger hunt for science

Exploring with a magnifying glass is always a hit! You won’t believe how detailed an ant is until you look at it very closely.

explore nature with kids

We referenced our nature book a bit and learned more about things like earthworms.

nature book

When you’re done with your scavenger hunt, head home and talk more about the creations you found. You could even take the learning a couple of steps further by researching each item on the list and talking in depth about its role in our environment.

Want some copy work to go with this? Use our nature vocabulary printable as your kids learn to write and spell each of these words. This makes for great handwriting practice for kids! And after a nice walk outside, your kids will feel more focused and refreshed.

Transitioning from summer to back to school can be tough. Get your kids outside in the fresh air today with this fun, nature scavenger hunt!