A Mother’s Day “Thank You”

By Julia Fitzgerald

Education Occasions

Happy Mother’s Day!

I want to wish a happy Mother’s Day to all the Moms out there and give a special recognition to those who appointed themselves CEO (Chief Education Officer) this year. In a year of Common Core, new SAT announcements, and increasing pressure to excel in STEM – you have had your hands full. I hope Mom Minded has helped you along the way.

There are a few Moms I want to single out today. Those are the Sylvan Moms who work in our Learning Centers every day. You rock, ladies. Many of our Franchisee/ Center owners are Moms and amazing entrepreneurs who help kids in their community every day on top of raising their families. Our center directors, education directors, and staff teachers? Yep! Lots of them are Moms as well. I so appreciate that they extend their ability to nurture and grow children beyond their own families to include all of the kids who come to Sylvan. Happy Mother’s Day! I’m delighted to be included in your Sylvan “Working Mom” ranks.