Monday Mojo – DIY Crafts for Thanksgiving Décor

By Sylvan Learning

DIY Craft

Thanksgiving is a time to be thankful, but it’s also the perfect time to be crafty! This year, don’t break the bank trying to buy expensive centerpieces for your family dinner when you can make pieces just as beautiful for half the price! Check out the DIY craft ideas below.

Crafty or not, these ideas for Thanksgiving décor will get you excited to set the table for a beautiful feast!

One lady’s trash is another lady’s treasure, right? These ideas from Earth 911 show you how to turn waste items you already have into sophisticated décor.

These nature-inspired centerpieces will help you bring the fall season indoors.

Delish has the scoop on all the chic DIY crafts, and you can use items from around the house!

We hope your creative wheels are spinning. Happy decorating!