Making the New School Year a Success

By Sylvan Learning

Middle School

Each family has their own set of goals for the year ahead, whether it be learning and using effective study habits, earning that A in math, taking the SAT or ACT or making time for family fun each week.

But we also know that many families have similar goals about school success! So, we polled 500+ parents in Sylvan Nation to find out more about popular back-to-school attitudes.

“What does a successful school year look like for your child?”

  • 10% of responses included their child having a “great teacher!”
  • And, 1 in 8 parents describe either a good or bad experience with their child’s teacher last year.  They are waiting anxiously to see what teacher their child is assigned to for next year before deciding how the school year is going to go!
  • Parents tell us that they plan to communicate more with their child’s teacher to make sure they are aware of their child’s assignments and grades.


“I don’t think [my child] is worried about school, but more worried about what teachers they’ll have and which friends will be in their class.”



Looking ahead to the new school year

As you and your family finish back-to-school shopping and prepare for a new year, remember that this is a chance to set and reach new goals!

And one way to stay on top of goals is to keep organization top of mind.

Organization came up quite a bit in our survey — whether it was in relation to assignments, morning routines or extracurricular activities — parents told us they are overwhelmed trying to organize it all. They even mentioned feeling a lot of extra stress in their lives because of their own (and their child’s) disorganization.

We get it! It can difficult to balance schedules with academics, extra-curricular activities, social commitments and down time.

Need help organizing your child? One way to help your child become more organized is by using the Show and Tell method. Another way to encourage better organization is by using a homework planner sheet (get yours for FREE from Your Modern Family!)


We have your back

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