Make Math Fun This Summer

By Melissa Taylor

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You’re trying to avoid any summer learning loss but don’t want to spend your days filling out math worksheets. No problem. We have fun ideas to make math fun this summer!

Get Math Active

Try Sidewalk Chalk Math: You can turn hopscotch into practice for math facts or skip counting. But what else can you make with chalk? How about a number line with chalk or a hula hoop clock? Whatever your child is doing in math, get outside and try making it with chalk.

Invent Outside Math Games:  Whether shooting hoops or racing around the yard, you can turn so many outside activities into math practice. See how on this post from Coffee Cups and Crayons.

Make Your Food Mathematical:  Imagine making lines, line segments and rays with food – yum, right? Then check out the tons of math concepts you can review with Skittles, division with Oreos, and subtraction with fish crackers.

Turn Crafts Into Math Practice: Get artsy with your shapes to make tessellations. Afterwards, sell your tessellations in a pretend craft store to practice counting money and making change.  Stay mathematical and artsy with this fun activity making scratch off flash cards. Or take your dice and stamp addition problems with paint.

Use LEGOs for Math Skills: LEGOs are perfect for teaching addition, measurement and bar graphs, or even practicing mean, median, and mode. Who knows what else you can do with LEGOs! It’s great motivation for LEGO fans to incorporate math with something so beloved.

Play Math Games

Whether it’s addition or geometry, games make practicing concepts enjoyable.  When it comes to games, you have lots of options. Search for fun math games with a deck of cards or dice and you’ll find lots of free ideas. Or you can purchase premade games such as the ones below that my family enjoys.

  •  Sum Swamp
  • Sudoku
  • Sequence Numbers
  • Think Fun Math Dice Jr.
  • Pop Addition &  Subtraction
  • Money Bags Coin Value
  • The Allowance Game
  • Telling Time Bingo

DiscoverMath Apps

I don’t know about your kids but mine LOVE technology. So, if I combine learning and technology it’s a recipe for fun. Here’s a list of FREE Sylvan Learning math apps for learning and practicing math skills for children in grades 1 – 4. Download all these apps here.

  •  Critter Cruise
  • Battle Station
  • Angle Asteroids
  • Pizza Party
  • Equator
  • Matchsticks Math Puzzles
  • Nommons Math Explorers

Basically, you can make math fun by thinking playfully. And for more ideas, search Pinterest. It’s an amazing place to find creative resources for growing mathematicians.