Learning on the Go: Top 10 Summer Education Apps

By Sylvan Learning

Middle School

Later bedtimes and long car trips mean more tech time. This summer, take advantage of the best education apps to fuel learning and creativity all summer long.

Trivia Triumphant (Ages 7 and up)

Keep the year’s lessons fresh in your child’s mind this summer with Brain Quest Blast Off. Challenge your child to answer math, science and language arts trivia questions specific to his or her grade level.

Rhythm & Rhyme (Ages 3 and up)

Let your child explore his or her creative side. Download Make Me Music and listen as your kids master melodies, record their tunes and sing their little hearts out.

Caution: Earplugs not included.

Puzzle Palooza (Ages 3-8)

Your child may be young, but analytical thinking and problem-solving will be a part of his or her life forever. Check out this app, Analogy, to help your child identify relationships, improve spatial skills and enhance creativity.

Traveling Troupe (All ages)

With one tap of a screen, Insta Spanish will have you feeling as if you’re in Barcelona. This app helps introduce your kids to the Spanish language and keeps them entertained. Keep it up, and your kids could be bilingual before you know it!

An Apple a Day Keeps the Doctor Away (Ages 1-3)

We know it’s a chore trying to feed your kids fruits and vegetables when all they want is candy and chips. Try to get them to have fun with produce. Download Learn Fruits and Vegetables for Kids to help them recognize yummy fruits and veggies, spell and pronounce them properly, and hopefully … eat them.

Fun With Reading (Ages 3-4)

Kids Learn to Read is the perfect app to help your children sound out words, match words to pictures and spell words accurately. Stick with it, and soon your kids will be reading you to sleep!

Digital Doodle Days (All Ages)

Do your kids love to paint … with their food? Well, now you can keep their artistic juices flowing, minus the spillage, by downloading Draw on the Table. Watch them create art with their orange juice and broccoli, without wasting a single one of your groceries. Kids of all ages will enjoy this one.

Ka-Ching! Cashing Out (Ages 5 and up)

In this day and age, a money-conscious child can only be a blessing. Hand over your iPad and let your kids play Cash Register, a simple app that allows them to count up dollar amounts, print virtual receipts and cash out. If nothing else, your little one will be captivated by the realistic cash register sound effects.

Tick-Tock, Learn the Clock (Ages 3-12)

Have fun with digital and analog clocks using the Interactive Telling Time Lite app. Your child will learn the art of telling time … in no time!

A Walk on the Wild Side (All Ages)

For reasons unknown to us, kids adore animals. Wildlife Jigsaw Puzzle 123 helps kids identify the names of more than 40 animals while improving their motor skills, concentration and memory.