Learn About Sylvan’s Revamped Writing Program

By Sylvan Learning


We’ve Got the Write Stuff

No matter your child’s age or grade, practicing writing skills to communicate concisely and clearly is important. After all, writing is everywhere, and it’s a skill that never goes out style! Besides traditional English classes, kids are now writing in math, social studies, science and on standardized tests.

So, in order to keep up with changing needs, we’ve revamped our Writing Program! We sat down with our VP of Education, Emily Levitt, and our Director of Language Arts, Ronda Arking, to get all the details on our new and improved program.

Is the Writing Program right for my child?

Our Writing Program is perfect for kids of all skill levels in grades 2–12. Whether your child needs a boost to improve his or her writing skills, wants guidance with a specific writing assignment or is looking to get ahead on tougher concepts or big tests, our program can improve your child’s writing abilities and confidence!

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How does Sylvan’s Writing Program work?

Sylvan’s Writing Program is rooted in educational research and is closely tied to today’s school curricula and 21st-century communication skills, so rest easy knowing your child will learn the skills and concepts needed to be successful in school and life!

What skills will my child learn in the Writing Program?

You child will learn:

  • The writing process: From how to navigate ideas to completing an edited, polished piece.
  • How to analyze and apply the six traits of good writing, which are: Focusing on ideas, organizing writing clearly and effectively, creating an engaging voice, varying sentence structure, choosing the right words and using correct writing mechanics.
  • The basics of English usage: Grammar, spelling, capitalization and punctuation.
  • Essay writing and test-prep writing skills: How to analyze writing prompts and how to follow a process with test writing. Plus, how to write clear, organized and engaging pieces!

Our tutors are experts at breaking down skills and concepts into small, manageable pieces. Your child will feel confident as he or she takes on writing assignments step by step! And, we offer flexible writing topics as well, so you can add handwriting, vocabulary, research skills and more, depending on what will help your child the most.

How is technology woven into the program?

Our personalized curriculum is delivered on an iPad, making learning writing skills even more engaging and interactive for your child! Plus, in addition to pencil and paper work, if you child is proficient on the keyboard, he or she will be able to use our proprietary digital composition platform, Sylvan Paper, to compose and revise his or her work. Practicing writing in the digital space is especially useful for test practice, as students are often expected to complete the essay portion of tests on a computer.

Psst! Get your FREE, one-year subscription to Sylvan Paper on Sylvan Nation. Sign in to your account (or sign up for FREE) today to get started earning points, then redeem your points in the Rewards section for Sylvan Paper. Sylvan Paper’s easy-to-use outline structure breaks down the essay writing process into small, manageable “chunks,” so your kids can get better at organizing ideas in an effective way.