EDGEucation Squad Profile: Kim Vij

By Sylvan Learning


Name: Kim Vij

Profession:  Blogger, Freelance Writer, Teacher and Consultant

Kids: I have three kids. Ages four, eight and twenty-two

Social Media Channels:






Favorite Social Media Channels:
 Pinterest for inspiration and bookmarking resources but Facebook is my go to for connecting.

Favorite subject growing up: Math was my favorite, I loved having a challenge with a definite answer.

Reason for joining the Sylvan EDGEucation Squad: Finding a program that focuses on concepts our children need for their future success is vital. At times, the EDGE topics are not taught in our school due to curriculum requirements and budget restraints.  The squad can help to give your child that extra push to be prepared for their future.

Favorite Sylvan class: Having both a husband and son who are computer programmers, the coding class is top on my list to help prepare kids for tomorrow.  Learning about coding can be a creative way for them to learn to express themselves.

Recommendation to help parents keep their kids’ EDGE over the long summer months: Find ways to sneak in learning through science at home, adventures in your community and with friends.  Set aside windows of time during the week for your child to focus on writing, reading and math.  Summer is a perfect time to explore a new app or computer game that has an educational focus.  Find ways to making everyday moments into learning opportunities.