Keep Your Writing Fresh: 5 Winter Writing Activities

By Sylvan Learning


While the weather outside may be frightful, winter is the perfect season to keep expanding your child’s writing skills. With the kids indoors more and the sun setting earlier, now is the perfect time to help them improve their writing skills when they are less distracted by all that summer fun! Ensuring that your child has the basic building blocks of writing now is the key to setting them up for future success. As your child grows throughout their academic career, they will be asked to write numerous essays not only in class but for their SAT, ACT, and college admissions.

Keeping your kid’s writing skills sharp can be easy and fun! Get creative and use the elements of winter to inspire your kids to write. Check out five fun writing activities below that can help motivate your kids to broaden their writing skills.


1. “If I could make my own sled…”

make my own sled
This writing prompt is a great way to get your kids thinking and writing. Have them brainstorm the best ways to build a sled. What would the ideal material be? How big would it be? Where would they go sledding? This prompt can help your child become more imaginative and descriptive in their writing. Be sure to check the story for grammatical errors and correct at the end.


2. “Winter is the best season because…”

winter is the best season because
This writing activity will help your child work on their persuasive writing skills. Being adept at persuasive writing is important because your child may run into a SAT question that requires a persuasive essay in response. Also, if your child wants to pursue a business career, persuasive writing will be useful for writing proposals and more. Even if your kids don’t like winter, have them think outside of the box and brainstorm why someone would like winter.


3. Winter Haiku

winter haiku
A Haiku is a Japanese poem of seventeen syllables, in three lines of five, seven, and five, traditionally evoking images of the natural world. Have your child write a haiku about some of the natural elements of winter (snow, ice, cold wind, etc.). Writing haikus can be a great way to brush up their narration skills and understanding, as well as the ability to be clear and succinct in writing.


4. “Explain how snow is made…”

explain how snow is made
This writing activity is great for strengthening your child’s expository writing abilities. Expository writing is used to explain an idea or concept and therefore requires facts, examples, and details for support. Before writing, have them research the water cycle and the weather conditions necessary for snow to occur. Push them to cite the sources of their information using parenthetical citation.


5. Bring your child to Sylvan Learning

Sylvan Instruction with Ethan
At Sylvan Learning, your child can work with tutors who are experts at connecting with kids and motivating them to become better writers. They’ll identify your child’s exact writing needs and craft a personal plan, just for your child. The writing tutors will help your child build the essential writing skills for a lifetime of success. Choosing Sylvan for writing tutoring is a great way to improve your child’s writing skills, build his or her confidence, and inspire greater opportunities in school and beyond.

Set your kids up for success by making sure they are practicing their writing. Bringing them to Sylvan Learning for writing help is also a great way to prepare them for academic growth.