How to Help Your Kids with Their Homework without Doing it Yourself

By Cynthia of Kids Activities Blog

Middle School

Sylvan partnered with Kids Activities Blog for this post.

Nothing is worse than sitting down with your child to do homework and realizing you haven’t done long division in decades, and you have no idea how to explain it.

We get it, homework time can be stressful and often times frustrating, too. Thankfully, there are four things you can do to help your kids with their homework without doing it yourself.


1. Outside Assistance: Sometimes kids listen better when it’s not their mom or dad trying to explain difficult homework problems, which is where Sylvan’s Homework Help comes in handy. Our expert tutors are here to assist your child whenever he or she needs a little extra homework help. The best part? Our tutors make it fun, so you leave the center with finished homework assignments and smiles.


2. Homework Help Line: Often times schools offer evening homework help via phone calls or online portals. Check with your child’s teacher and school to see if this free service is offered, and if there are specific hours your child can use it to get help directly from his or her teacher.

3. Be the Assistant: Let your child know that you’re there to help, but encourage he or she to take the lead on figuring out tough problems. You may even want to implement a rule that your child has to attempt to tackle to problem before asking for assistance. This takes the pressure off you and gives your child time to practice valuable skills needed throughout his or her entire school career,

4. Beat the Clock: Don’t let quick assignments take longer than they’re supposed to – set a timer and try to beat the clock! With a timer, kids practice time management skills, and it also adds a fun competition element to homework time. Remember to pick a reasonable amount of time so your child can still be accurate

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