How to Help Your Child Avoid Spring Fever

By Melissa Taylor

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The warmer, brighter spring days make it harder for kids to stay motivated for school and schoolwork.

Learn what to do when your child catches spring fever to help them stay focused in school until the final bell rings. After all, it’s not summer vacation just yet.

Try these spring-fever busters to keep the spring fever at bay and help kids keep their school motivation:


1. Plan for Outside Time

Not only are the days longer, they’re warmer and sunnier. Kids start feeling the call to be out of doors – and that’s a good thing. Allow them time to enjoy the outdoors. Doing so will meet your children’s need to get outside so they can better focus when they’re back inside. How about encouraging one of these activities?

    • Doing homework outside.
    • Going to the park for a picnic dinner.
    • Playing a game of Frisbee after school.
    • Riding bikes to and from school.
    • Taking a family walk after dinner.


2. Mix Up the Routine

It’s okay to change your daily routine for spring. Kids are feeling antsy and could use a switch in schedule. Mix up homework time and change what activities you do (or don’t do). This makes the routine feel fresh and new and helps alleviate spring fever.

    • Take a break from organized activities.
    • Do homework after dinner or in the mornings instead of right after school.
    • Play outside before homework time to get some of their pent up energy out.
    • Start a garden together.
    • Schedule time with friends.


3. Set Goals & Incentives

What do your kids need to accomplish still in school? Have them brainstorm what they need to do and help set their goals. Then decide what fun incentives they could earn for achieving each goal. Incentives could include:

    • Extra family movie night.
    • Dinner at a favorite restaurant.
    • A parent-kid date.
    • Movie with a friend.
    • Adventure of their choice.


4. Keep Sleep Consistent

It doesn’t feel like bedtime now that it’s light out later, does it? But even though it’s hard, keep your kids’ bedtimes consistent. Sleep is important for kids so they stay healthy and alert at school. Sleep improves concentration and it gives both brain and body time to grow. How can you motivate your kids to sleep at their regular time?

    • Go to bed at the same time every night – even on weekends.
    • Keep bedrooms dark and add blackout curtains if necessary.
    • Remove TV, computers and iPads from bedrooms.
    • Change your linens and blankets to accommodate the warmer weather.
    • Dim lights in preparation for bedtime.


5. Get Spring Cleaning

Lastly, there’s much to be said for the benefits of spring-cleaning. With the change of season, de-cluttering and organizing is revitalizing, even for kids. Get spring-cleaning in your child’s room.

    • Sort and weed out old clothes and toys.
    • Have your kids work with you to de-clutter their rooms.
    • Get things organized in bins or baskets.
    • Dust and vacuum.
    • Change the layout of the room.


Keeping your kids’ spring fever under control will ensure they maintain focus in school until the very last day. Before you know it (and before your kids know it!), they’ll be on summer vacation.