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By Amy Przywara

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I love sharing when I love something, so I have something I just have to share.  But let me take a step back since you don’t know me yet.  I’m Amy, the Chief Marketing Officer at Sylvan Learning.  I’ve worked at Sylvan for 13 years and was appointed to this new role in June.  I have three children – a 6-year old daughter, who is in First Grade, and 5-year old twins, (daughter and son) who are Kindergarteners.

I attended a Literacy Night at my kids’ school back in the spring and met Jackie Paris.  She’s an amazing person and she’s the creator of a game that my kids played that night.  They loved it so much that I decided to buy the game for them.  But it’s not just a game – it’s a Superhero Phonics game called FUNNY MIX® so guess what, the kids are learning to read while they are playing!!

Funny mix Card Game


Jackie is a teacher and a mom and she had an idea.  She knew that children love superheroes, and she wondered why no one had ever created a reading game using superheroes with names based on phonics.  So, she did it!!  And my kids love it!  It’s a fun card game that teaches consonants, vowels, and three and four letter words.  The FUNNY MIX® game is patented and based on the scientific research of phonemic awareness, phonics and nonsense words.  In addition, it supports the Common Core State Standards for Grades K-2.  I love watching my kids play this game.  They are learning to read and they are interacting with each other (with no fighting!  That’s a win right there!!).

Funny Mix Photo


Here’s a quick overview of how the FUNNY MIX® game works:

Using transparent plastic cards that contain superheroes’ capes and masks, the child’s job is to stack 3 matching cards onto the base card in order to give the character a cape and a mask.  This activates the superhero’s powers!  Children get to practice saying the sounds in the names (phonemic awareness) as well as learning the letters (phonics) that make each sound!

Children can play many games with the cards, including Matching, Go Fish and Detective.  The 14 superhero characters’ names are real one-syllable words but can be transformed into over 1,700 funny nonsense words as children mix the characters together.  And one of the things Jackie told me that I love, is that according to Sally E. Shaywitz, M.D., of The Yale University School of Medicine, “The ability to read nonsense words is the best measure of phonologic decoding skill in children.”

So, check out the FUNNY MIX game.  It’s $14.99 on Amazon. 

And share your child’s favorite Superhero on FUNNY MIX’s Facebook page!