Fun, Educational (and Affordable!) Sylvan Summer Camps

By Sylvan Learning


If you and your child started counting down how many school days were left until summer several months ago, you’re not alone. This last half of the school year was unlike any the world has ever experienced before. School disruptions due to COVID-19 and the switch to virtual learning were sudden, and, understandably, turbulent for many parents and children. With summer around the corner, cross off those last few days on your calendar, remember to b-r-e-a-t-h-e, and take a well-deserved break.


Summer Learning Loss + COVID-19 Learning Loss

But not too long of a break. Emily Levitt, Sylvan’s VP of Education, says it’s OK to take a week or two off from school to relax and catch your breath. In fact, it’s important that you give yourself and your child some time to recharge. But between COVID-19 school disruptions and the annual summer learning slide, this year’s learning loss is amplified.

This year, it’s estimated that some kids could lose up to 7 months’ worth of language arts knowledge, and 12 months’ worth of math skills. So, taking a complete academic break in the summer won’t help this fall go any better. (Especially if you saw your child struggling with at-home learning.)


How much summer learning is actually needed?

Emily says that if your child struggled with at-home learning and ended the year behind, this summer is the time to really kick it into gear. She recommends 4-6 hours a week of learning to help your student get caught up.

If your child ended the school year on track, it’s still important to engage him or her in learning this summer break to prevent additional learning loss. To accomplish this, Emily says a couple hours of learning a week is recommended.

The good news is, you can put your teacher hat away this summer and turn to Sylvan for fun AND educational Camps and Classroom learning, all taught by our certified teachers! Plus, since most camps and summer plans are cancelled, your child will have plenty of time to commit to these activities.


Sylvan Camps are perfect for …


Sylvan Camps are perfect for grade K-8 kids who want to keep up their momentum this summer! From coding, engineering and robotics, to math, reading and back-to-school boot camp, there’s a camp that will spark your child’s interest and keep his or her mind active.

Our camps combine education activities with collaboration among attendees for a fun-filled, approximately 10-hour experience. And, you can be sure your child will get plenty of instruction and attention, as camps have no more than 8-12 students.

The best part? These camps were made to be affordable for families during these unprecedented times. And, many of our camps can be taught online OR in-person, so you can register knowing that your child will be able to participate, no matter what!

For more information on Sylvan Camp offerings and pricing, contact your local Sylvan today!



Sylvan Classroom is perfect for …

Sylvan Classroom is perfect for kids in grades K-8 who may need help catching up in math and/or reading before fall.

Your child will review and get reinforcement on lessons that may have been lost during school closures. Our expert tutors will ensure your child is solid on basic skills to avoid academic gaps in the fall!

Your child will get:

  • Live, online sessions with expert teachers (and 7 other students max)
  • Approximately 30 hours of instruction over the course of the program
  • Lessons on essential skills that are aligned to local curriculum
  • Reinforced instruction of each skill to aid with retention
  • Daily oral and written communication practice
  • Problem solving lessons for each skill so they really stick!
  • Confidence growth to be ready for the next school year



For more information on Sylvan Classroom offerings and pricing, contact your local Sylvan today!