Flipping for Physics: STEM and Fitness Collide on the Trampoline

By Sylvan Learning

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Science of the Trampoline

As the summer comes to a close and the school year approaches, many kids need creative ways to stay fit while having fun. Why not add some STEM learning into the mix? We partnered with Jordan – better known by his YouTube fans as Doctor Mad Science – to create a fun video highlighting the STEM and fitness behind one of his favorite activities: jumping on the trampoline!

Trampoline jumping is an exciting way to exercise. Studies show jumping can burn hundreds of calories and can be more effective than jogging. It’s also a great way to enhance coordination, strength, flexibility, timing and balance. When kids jump, they are working out various muscle groups at once such as their legs, thighs, arms, back, and core. Better yet, it’s a lot of fun, just be sure to put safety first!

Staying fit during the school year is very important for your budding scholars. Exercising can help them manage homework stress, maintain a healthy weight, and can even help increase their interpersonal skills. It’s even better when you can add STEM learning to ensure your child is exercising their brain as well. According to a recent Amgen Foundation study, real world examples, such as sports and exercise, can be one of the best ways to teach your child physics and STEM alike. Be sure to check out Jordan’s video above to learn more!

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