5 Summer Spelling Tips

By Dr. Rick Bavaria


Summer’s for slowing down, but not for shutting down! We want to keep our kids sharp, ready, and excited for the new school year. Here are five spelling tips you can do with your kids to improve their spelling skills this summer.

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5 Spelling Tips

Remember, all language arts skills – reading, writing, listening, and speaking – are related. When you read, write, speak, and listen with your child, you’re strengthening those spelling skills. Try incorporating these five great spelling game ideas into your child’s summer routine and watch their spelling skills improve by leaps and bounds!

1. Do a scavenger hunt. Find items that begin with a certain letter. First to find ten items wins an extra ten minutes of bedtime story reading. Bedtime reading is precious.

 Little explorers


2. Be an artist. With your children, draw or cut out pictures of people, items, and events that start with a certain letter. Be creative and exaggerated for emphasis and vocabulary-building. “F is for fireworks, fishing, frolicking, fast footraces, freedom, fresh fruit, family, friends, and fields full of flawless flowers.” Exhibit these pictures for the whole family to appreciate.


Creative little boys in art class


3. Play word games in the car. Kids really don’t need to be in front of a screen all the time. For each five minutes on a ride, spot as many items as you can that begin with a certain letter. Make a list. After five minutes, change the letter.




4. Keep a summer journal. Writing helps spelling like no other activity.



5. Have a pen pal. Kids love getting mail. Snail mail is more fun than email, and it gives your children something to look forward to!




Remember, summer is the perfect time to relax, but it’s also important to keep your kids on track. There is no reason to be bored this summer when there are endless, fun and educational spelling activities. Looking for more educational activities this summer? Sign in to Sylvan Nation and find even more fun resources for your child! Enjoy!