Five Most Common Mom Mishaps (We can laugh at them now!)

By Sylvan Learning


Often find yourself bouncing from Chief Chaperone in Charge to Bake Sale Broker to Family Feud Diffuser? Ah yes, motherhood. From the million different hats you wear to the balancing act you’ve so gracefully perfected, you’ve got it together, girlfriend. For the most part.


You’re not human if you haven’t made a flub here and there. These hilarious mom mishaps may ring a bell. Go ahead, chuckle in recognition. We won’t tell anyone.

  • Supermarket Sweep — Cotton Candy Cake Cookies, Lemon White Chocolate Cake Mix Cookies, Soft Pudding Monster Cookies … my, what a lovely “Bake Sale” Pinterest board you have. So why then, exactly, are we all in such a rush to get to the grocery store on the morning of said bake sale? Is it possibly because we’re all hunting for the grocery store’s finest bakery-baked cookies and a Tupperware container to pass them off as homemade? Perhaps.
  • Party in the USA — We see you. Mrs. Dance Chaperone, yes, you, the shimmy-shaking one in the back corner that you think is a lot less lit than it really is. In the kingdom of ways to embarrass your child, dancing in public rules supreme. But don’t let that stop you! After all, those kids will be better off for learning that spiffy new “microwave” dance move you’ve spent years perfecting. Rock on, sister.
  • “I know I’m forgetting something.” — Yes, you are forgetting something, and you will forget something else, probably in the very near future. With work, email and family commitments, what’s a woman to do? Well, it’s simple: Forget some stuff. Let some little stuff go. You know, the small stuff. For perspective, if you haven’t forgotten a cellphone, wallet, purse or child anywhere in the last several months, we’re counting that as a win.
  • Chop Job You’re in the kitchen prepping for your next DIY project and you think you have everything out of your child’s reach. You look down at your phone for one second. One second! And it happens. The chop job. Your kid finds the crazy scissors and goes all Brittany Spears circa 2007 on her scalp. On the bright side, Katie is going to look so beautiful with her new buzz cut.
  • Forgot the treats? — What do kids love more than anything in their trick-or-treat bags? Yup, you guessed it! Those items buried DEEP down in your handbag — coupons, pencils, peppermints and pennies — have actually been scientifically proven to be children’s favorite Halloween treats. So don’t feel bad that you forgot to buy the trick-or-treat candy — rejoice! You’ve brought children happiness, which is the best gift you can give to humanity.

If any or all of these mom mishaps sound familiar, it’s okay — laugh, reminisce and know that it could have been a lot worse. Comment below and share with us your favorite mom mishap. (We’ll keep it between friends.)