Eight Ways to Show Dad How Great He Is

By Sylvan Learning


June 16 is all about dad — here are some ideas for celebrating with the whole family for the best Father’s Day yet:

  1. DIY with dad. Men and their masterpieces is an age-old pairing. Pitching in with the kids to help out with dad’s latest DIY darling is a fun way to spend time as a family and support dad’s passions. Whether it’s helping sand something down or serving as brush-holder to dad’s inner artist, the learning opportunities are endless.
  2. Help out other dads. The best gifts are of the charitable kind. Volunteering as a family helps families in less-fortunate situations and reminds children the importance of giving back.
  3. Schedule a “Sibling Sunday.” Uncle Charlie ALWAYS has the best stories about dad. Show your children why sibling relationships matter by inviting dad’s whole clan over to share in the day and enjoy the tall tales. Taking kids to dad’s favorite childhood hangout spots is another great way to connect with the past.
  4. Deliciousness allowed. If dad has a favorite homemade meal or goes crazy for a certain joint’s hamburgers and milkshake, make it happen for him! This is his special day and the perfect day for the family to indulge in a little deliciousness.
  5. Couch potatoes welcome. Between soccer games, homework, ballet practice and meal-making, you’re a family on the go. This Father’s Day, give all your busy feet a break and flop down on the couch. Rent the movies you missed in the theaters and catch up on your favorite TV shows.
  6. Play ball. Busy schedules can sometimes mean losing sight of dad’s favorite pastimes. Get the kids’ jerseys, fishing rods or sneakers out and send them out for an outing with dad — of his choice.
  7. Dadapalooza. Sharing the day with other families over a Father’s Day brunch is a great way to bring neighborhoods, churches and friends together. These types of events create great memories across multiple generations.
  8. Lounge a little. Yes, we’re serious. Start the day with a big homemade family breakfast and segue into a board game blowout. A relaxing day with no agenda could set the stage for the most memorable Father’s Day ever.