Eight Ways Moms Can Get Involved at School

By Sylvan Learning

Elementary School

We know adding another “job” to your schedule seems impossible, but there are so many ways you can give back to and participate in your child’s school, whether you are a stay-at-home mom or at-the-office mom. Find your passion and figure out how you can be doing your favorite thing — crafting, number crunching, baking, managing, fundraising, traveling — while giving back to the school.

  • Reading guest — If you love to read and enjoy helping kids learn to read, take the time to be a guest reader a couple of times a month.
  • Craft helper — If crafting is your cup of tea, work with the teacher on class projects that keep the kids entertained while learning. This is your chance to put that Pinterest board to use!
  • Book drive — Do you know how to rally people around a great cause or have good connections in the community? A book drive is just one of many fundraising ideas you can help organize for the school.
  • Bake sale — If baking in the kitchen is your happy place, contribute to the school bake sale or help organize it. Here are a few tips for a successful bake sale.
  • Field Trips — Are there places around town or a couple of hours’ drive away that you would love to visit or have been planning to visit and just haven’t had the time? Take advantage of the next field trip by volunteering to be a chaperone.
  • Events — Just want to help out every now and then and love a good social event? Pick a school event held during after-school hours to help set up or clean up.
  • PTA — Looking to be a leader and want to help other parents get involved? Take on a role with the PTA.
  • Room Parent — If you’re great at keeping things organized and the “whole boat afloat,” your skills would be a great benefit to a teacher who has a lot going on. Becoming a room parent may be a great fit for you.

None of those sound too appealing? Here are a few more ideas for busy moms from mom.me.

Maybe getting involved in your child’s school (secretly) has to do with you. See how this stay-at-home mom’s solution to missing her first grader was to volunteer at her school.

No matter how little time you have, there are countless ways to get involved with your child’s school. It not only benefits the school (or you) but proves to your child that education is important. It also shows the importance of giving back and being involved in the local community. Volunteering opportunities vary from school to school, so be in touch with a teacher or administrator to see how you can help. Resources such as Volunteer Spot are also available to help you stay organized. What mom doesn’t like a great organization tool?