STEM It Up! Eggcellent Summer Activity for Kids

By Sylvan Learning

Elementary School
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Keeping kids entertained and learning in the summer is no easy feat. How can you seamlessly accomplish both? Well, one way is to get kids crafting. Crafts can provide kids a number of different skills that can be beneficial for the upcoming school year, but may also inspire a future career in STEM. You might just have an engineer or video game designer living in your house!

Crafting can give your kids an edge by increasing:
• Observational skills
• Ability to imagine and visualize solutions
• Ability to recognize and create patterns
• Analytical skills
• ‘Out of the Box’ thinking

Crafting makes possible the many innovations in the fields of science of engineering, two of the fastest growing STEM industries. Studies have proven that arts and crafts skills significantly increase professional growth. Use the summer to set your kids up for success. Check out a fun STEM-related craft you can do at home!


One fun and easy craft to do at home is Protect an Egg! Use random household items to design a way to prevent an egg from breaking when dropped from different heights. This craft is a great way to get your kids thinking out of the box and learning properties of various materials. Things you can use:

• Plastic containers
• Cotton balls
• Pillow & Blanket scraps
• Tape
• Bubble wrap
• Sponge
• Straws (craft idea from
• Styrofoam

First, gather your eggs and your materials; the possibilities are endless! There are so many things around the house you can use and kids will definitely have fun not only crafting and constructing, but also making a (possible) mess! Second, talk to your kids about what they think would protect the egg the best. You can create a chart to keep track of which materials perform the best and which ones don’t, and then why. Next, get creative! Try out different ways to wrap/protect the egg. One thing you can try is taping cotton balls all around the egg. Lastly, start dropping those eggs! Try raising your arm up as high as you can and drop from there, to start. Then, with parental supervision, try standing on a sturdy chair and drop from there. If you have access to a balcony or terrace, you can use that as a higher dropping spot. Always be mindful of safety!

After you’ve tried all your materials and have dropped all your eggs, discuss the results with your kids. Talk about why certain materials performed better than others. This would be a great opportunity to do research with your child and teach them about gravity, shockwaves, and more. This craft is great for not only keeping your kids busy but will also spark creativity and new understandings of science and physics.

Another way to get kids creating and thinking is by bringing them to your local Sylvan Learning center and having them participate in our EDGE courses including Engineering, Robotics, Coding and more!