Creative Teacher Appreciation Week Ideas

By Sylvan Learning

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Teacher Appreciation Week 2019 will take place from May 5th – 11th. This is a great time for kids to honor educators in fun and creative ways all week long! These quick and easy Teacher Appreciation Week ideas don’t take much time or money but are sure to let your children’s teachers know how much they care.


A Little Goes a Long Way.

A handwritten thank you note is a great place for kids to start. Encourage your children to use stickers, decorative tapes and markers to personalize their cards.


Spring Has Sprung.

Now that spring is in full swing, flowers can certainly brighten up a classroom. Help your kids make a teacher-themed vase by gluing No. 2 pencils around a 7-inch clear cylindrical vase. Finish the vase off with a school-themed ribbon and add some sunflowers!


Teacher Appreciateion_Sylvan Learning_Original 1


A Sweet Treat.

Spend some quality time with your child in the kitchen whipping up a batch of apple-themed cupcakes for his or her teachers. First, bake your cupcakes in red cupcake wrappers. When they’ve cooled, frost the cupcakes and then cover the icing with red sugar. Finish the tasty treats with pretzel stems and chocolate leaves. These items can be purchased at your local baking supply store.


Thanks A-Latte.

Every teacher can use a mug to sip their coffee or tea out of during the school day. Purchase a plain mug and paint a wide stripe around the center with chalkboard paint. Once the paint has dried, your child can write his or her teacher’s name out with chalk and fill the mug with the teacher’s favorite candies or smaller school supplies.


Teacher Appreciateion_Sylvan Learning_Original 2


Tote-ally The Best!

Personalized tote bags are an inexpensive and fun craft. From using fabric paint to iron-on patches to buttons and ribbons, there are plenty of ways to decorate the bag. Your kids can even theme the bags to specific school subjects. For instance, they can make book-themed bags for their reading teachers.


Remember, Teacher Appreciation Week happens once a year, but kids should let their teachers know how great they are all year round!