Charged Up! How We STEM Powered Our Kids

By 5minutesformom

Middle School

Hi! We’re Susan and Janice, twin mommy bloggers, of 5 Minutes for Mom. 5 Minutes for Mom is an essential go-to site for moms that entertains and informs while promoting the online mom community. Our daughters, Sophia, Julia, and Olivia, had an amazing opportunity to try out Sylvan Learning’s EDGE program. When we heard about the new STEM courses, we were excited to see what our girls would think about them. They had a great time; so much so that we decided to sign them up for full courses!

Read on to see how our visit went…


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Have you noticed classrooms are getting smarter these days?

From the technology children use in class to the curriculum they learn, educators are helping our kids prepare for the world they will inherit. One of the biggest education initiatives we’ve noticed with our kids is the new focus on STEM projects. I have to admit, when my daughter came home talking about her upcoming STEM project last year, I had to go online and figure out what on earth STEM meant! Science, technology, engineering, and math are the four most important subjects for our kids to focus on now — and STEM careers are growing exponentially. However, studies show that if children aren’t introduced to STEM at an early age, it becomes extremely difficult for them to grasp the concepts later in life. That’s why, when Susan and I were presented with the opportunity to try out a STEM course from Sylvan Learning’s EDGE program, we jumped at the chance.


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Getting to Know Sylvan EDGE

Our girls took the Robotics 101 course which taught them how to build their own motion-capable robot using LEGO!

Before they got started, one of the students from a previous coding class walked us through a game he built. Our girls were hooked!


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Time for Robotics!

The kids learned the engineering behind building the robot and how to use technology and electricity to make it move.

The teacher was enthusiastic, outgoing and engaging as she introduced the kids to the course.

The kids started by watching a video explaining the steps; then they got to work, following along with the steps online. As they worked, the teacher made her way around the classroom, helping when needed and answering questions. The combination of teacher/student interaction with technology really impressed us.

After the kids built their LEGO robot birds, it was time to start programming them to dance! Programming was the kids’ favorite part. They got to change up the dances and choose what they wanted their birds to do.

The instructor did a great job at condensing a 6-week course into one exciting STEM powered hour! If you want your kids to get ahead with some hands-on STEM learning this summer or during the school year, we highly recommend the Sylvan EDGE classes. Your kids will have fun and you will know you are helping prepare them for a STEM-driven future.