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The Importance of Nurturing a Growth Mindset

By Anathea Simpkins

60 Minutes of Coding, Endless Possibilities!

By Sylvan Learning

4 Ways to Spark Your Child’s Interest in STEM

By Scott Vukoder

November 23rd is Fibonacci Day!

By Sylvan Learning

Pumpkin Math Activity

By Sylvan Learning

3 Ways to Turn Leftover Halloween Candy into Fun Math ...

By 5minutesformom

So, What Is School Support at Sylvan?

By Sylvan Learning

Celebrate Mole Day with Your Kids by Making Guacamole

By Somewhat Simple

Educational and Fun Mini Camps and Book Recommendations for K-12 ...

By Sylvan Learning

What Parents Need to Know About Big Academic Transitions: 3rd ...

By Sylvan Learning

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