Middle School

Find articles specific to middle school parents and students.

So, What Is School Support at Sylvan?

By Sylvan Learning

7 Strategies for Parents of Children With Special Needs to ...

By Dr. Teresa Flores

3 Educators’ Advice to Parents

By Sylvan Learning

Educational and Fun Mini Camps and Book Recommendations for K-12 ...

By Sylvan Learning

School Year Considerations for In-Person, Online, Hybrid and Homeschool

By Sylvan Learning

What Parents Need to Know About Big Academic Transitions: 3rd ...

By Sylvan Learning

14 Fun, Summer Reading Recommendations for Grades K-8

By Sylvan Learning

“How Can I Help My Child Transition to Middle School?”

By Sylvan Learning

Middle school boy reading

Middle School Summer Reading Is Important – But It Can ...

By Wendy Wisner of Your Teen Mag

How to Mentally Prepare Kids for Back-to-School Time: Start Now

By Julie Schuler of Your Teen Mag

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