High School

Find articles specific to high school parents and students.

Start Thinking About Summer Programs Now — a Few Considerations

By Sylvan Learning

From Good Student to Exceptional Student: What Does it Take?

By Sylvan Learning

5 Reasons Juniors Should Take the ACT or SAT in ...

By Sylvan Learning

Setting School Goals for the New Year

By Sylvan Learning

7 Tips to Become More Involved in Your Child’s Education

By Janice of 5 Minutes for Mom

November 23rd is Fibonacci Day!

By Sylvan Learning

Want to Help Your Student Prep for College Entrance Tests? ...

By Whitney Fleming of Your Teen Magazine

4 Key Tips to Help Your Child Prepare for Tests

By Sylvan Learning

Questions about Tutoring: What Makes a Good Tutor?

By Dr. Rick Bavaria

High School Problems: How to Improve Study Skills for Struggling ...

By Jennifer Arnold of Your Teen Magazine

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