Benefits of Being in the School Play

By Dr. Rick Bavaria

Family Fun

March is the traditional month for middle and high schoolers to stage their school plays and musicals.


Parents should support these important extracurricular activities if your child show interest in them, as they have many of the same advantages afforded by joining sports teams. Take a look at these skills and benefits!


School Play_Sylvan Learning_Original 2



Organization. If you tried to put on a play or musical without being organized, it probably would not go very well! This is a great opportunity to practice this skill.


Backward-mapping. Planning your busy school calendar requires you to work backward from due-dates to starting dates. Ask questions such as, “If the play is on March 17, when do I need to start memorizing lines? And when will I do the history term paper? What about the algebra mid-term?”


Cooperation. You will have to cooperate with other cast members, technical folks, parent volunteers. Otherwise, it could be chaos!


Creativity. Stretch your limits to test your imagination and prowess.


Following directions. A play requires everyone to “hit their marks.” Just like a winning athletic team following a coach’s guidance, a play’s cast follows a director’s guidance.


Discover new talents. Acting, singing, taking care of box office finances, printing programs, designing costumes, sets, or lighting – you don’t know until you try.


Commitment. When you sign up for a play, you have to see it through from conception to performance. It will encourage your perseverance and problem-solving capabilities.


School Play_Sylvan Learning_Original 1



Lifelong friends. Memories last a lifetime and are the foundation of forever-friends.


Confidence. Being part of a large, successful endeavor creates confidence and a can-do attitude.


Lifelong hobby. Becoming involved in theater is a creative and satisfying pastime that can last forever.


A sense of community. Watch your circle of friends grow!


Better grades. Active students tend to get better grades because they’ve figured out how to juggle responsibilities.


Resume for college or work. Looks good on a resume when you can show community involvement and success.


Fun. Being associated with a show is like riding a roller coaster; it’s a lot of fun!


The skills and benefits that come with school theater are exactly like the skills and benefits that come from athletics. It’s communal, purpose-driven, and filled with life lessons and advantages. It’s March. Support your teen’s theater interests!