Back-to-School Prep

By Sylvan Learning

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It’s hard to believe summer is halfway over and the first day of school is just around the corner. Start planning now, with our tips below, and you’ll be at the head of the class in no time.

  • Check-Ups & Immunizations Check with your school to see what immunization shots and forms are required. Also, take your child in for a physical or eye exam before schools starts. Good vision is critical to good grades — so it pays to get it checked!
  • Shopping for School Supplies – Looking to save on back-to-school items? Check to see if your state participates in sales tax holidays, and you may be able to save money on clothes, shoes and other supplies. Most of the days for savings on school supplies occur the first week of August, so check them out this week!
  • Start the Routine Early – With later bedtimes over the summer, children need to ease back into their school routine rather than having a sudden change their first day of school. Starting to get them back on track with their school routine a few weeks early will make waking up for their first day of school a breeze.
  • Don’t Ditch Good Habits – If you and your child fell into a good summer learning routine, try not to forsake all of the fun reading, writing and art activities that kept them engaged all summer. Looking for a little last-minute summer learning inspiration? Pop on over to lil blue boo for some great pointers.
  • Plan Healthy Meals – Nutrition is an important factor in academic performance, and eating healthful, balanced breakfasts and lunches keeps kids alert throughout the day. Children eating healthy meals also earn higher grades than those who have an unhealthy diet.
  • Review the Route Safety Rules – Whether children take the bus, walk or you drive them, go over how they will get to and from school and safety rules associated with the mode of transportation.

This checklist from momAgenda will help you stay on track as you prepare to send the kiddos back to school!