Adios Apples: Seven Great Teacher Gifts

By Sylvan Learning

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As the school year comes to a close, it can be a daunting task to figure how best to show your child’s teachers that you appreciate their dedication, passion and, often, patience.

Here are some ideas for teacher gifts to help commemorate the year gone by and recharge for the year ahead.

Wrapped Up in a Bow: The greatest accomplishment for teachers is reassurance that their work has made a difference in their kids’ lives. Have your kids put together a collage of photos and drawings or words about what they’ve learned.

Beans and Caffeine: Teachers and coffee habits go together like PB and J. A basket of java-related products like mugs, grounds or gift cards to local coffee joints will keep classroom tempo up.

Little Letters of Love:Rowdy classrooms can overwhelm teachers and make them feel lost in the midst of mayhem. Remind them how talented they are by having their students write their favorite thing about their teacher. You can even compile the letters into a decorative coffee table book for reading.

Classroom Restock: Odds are that by year’s end teachers are totally wiped out of the classroom supplies they often spend their own money buying. Yes, we’re looking at your little overzealous glue gobbler. Help teachers restock for the next year by putting together a basket of classroom essentials like paper, markers, tape, tissues, etc.

Small Indulgences: We all know teachers’ salaries don’t always reflect the big work they do. Giving little splurges can be really special. That fancier-than-normal candle or lavish junk-food indulgence might be just what they’ve been craving.

Gotta Love Gift Cards: Summer is the time when a lot of teachers get to do what they love — whether that’s DIY-ing, traveling or being outdoorsy, odds are there’s a gift card for that.

Give in Their Honor: Teachers give so much to their students throughout the year they don’t always have the time to give back to their community. Set up a fund in their name to benefit their favorite nonprofit or a popular local charity.

Books, Books, Books:Teachers can never have too many books! Help them build a nice library of scholastic content for their students. Not sure what’s hot off the presses? Grab a gift certificate from your local bookstore and let the teacher have at it.

What are your go-to teacher appreciation gifts? Share your ideas in the comments section below.