A Message for Mother’s Day

By Amy Przywara

Sylvan CMO, Amy Przywara on Mother's Day 715x330

Mother’s Day – ah Mother’s Day.  It’s always interesting to hear what other moms view as their perfect day.  Some like to take some “me” time and not spend the day with their kids or their partner.  Some like breakfast in bed and a day being spoiled at home or doing something together as a family.  Some prefer a present picked out by the hubby and the kids. Some like a mini-weekend getaway celebrating with friends and family.  Whatever it is you prefer, I hope your day is unmatched this year.

Being a mom is obviously about more than Mother’s Day but it is a day for us to stop and reflect on what moms do for us on a daily basis and how they influence the fabric of not only our individual lives but the raising of the next generation.  I spend my days as CMO of Sylvan thinking about how we can help families in better ways.  With my twins almost complete their Kindergarten year and my older daughter nearing the end of first grade, I realize how momentum is just picking up.  I think about how the decisions that they are making on what they like and the decisions I am making on how to support them trying new things is important every single day.  Even on days where getting homework done and seeing if we can get everyone to bed clean is all we can get through.

Preparing this generation of kids is a little scary as more and more careers that they will enter into probably aren’t even known yet.  And those careers will be in things that are most likely out of my own comfort zone.  I know I just need to encourage exploration and trying new things at this age, but I do want to make sure I am doing enough without over doing it and that I expose them to things that I may not love or even understand.

Some of what we do at Sylvan is help moms find ways to let their kids explore in a fun, comfortable environment.  It’s why I love our new STEM programs (I mean, did you ever take an after-school engineering program when you were a kid?) They help moms AND kids find a way to try something new.  With no pressure on your child.  And not a lengthy commitment from you.  I’ve seen firsthand the lighting up of kids’ eyes in our centers – I just know they are going to go do some amazing things in their future.

Thank you to all moms out there for doing what you do.  Supporting your kids in ways that may stretch your own limits.  Being the person that they need you to be when they need you be it (which changes on a dime!).  For being you.  Enjoy your day – however it is you like to celebrate.