6 Reasons Sylvan is the Best for Reading Tutoring

By Sylvan Learning

High School

Wondering who to turn to for reading tutoring? Here are 6 reasons to consider Sylvan for reading tutoring!

#1) Proven results: Up to 3x more growth

Students who come to Sylvan for reading tutoring achieve up to 3x more growth in their reading scores than their peers. Independent research proves it, and we see the same results year after year.

Quite simply, Sylvan works.


#2) Amazing, highly qualified teachers

Our reading tutors are teachers.


Each reading tutor at Sylvan is a state-certified teacher or a province-certified teacher.

Every time they sit down at the table with your child, they bring significant teaching experience with them, and they’re fully trained in Sylvan’s proven teaching methods.

This makes a difference … because it isn’t easy to teach reading.

(If you’ve tried to explain the ins and outs of reading comprehension at home, you know this well!)

Kids often have a hard time understanding what they’re reading — from the author’s tone, to the meaning behind the imagery. It takes special teachers to help children grasp these complex elements and bring the concepts together in a way that kids understand.

It takes special teachers to build great rapport with your child, and motivate and inspire each student to do his or her best.

Not to mention, as teachers, our reading tutors are in sync with what’s being taught in local schools. They can draw the link between reading at Sylvan and reading for school.

Bottom line: You’ll see a difference in the classroom.


#3) Guaranteed growth

We’re so confident in our ability to help your child master reading skills that we guarantee your child’s skill growth. And yes, we measure your child’s progress too, so we’re fully accountable to your family.

Ask your local Sylvan center about our guarantee. They’ll be happy to share what it means for you.


#4) An extra dose of confidence

Can you guess which emotional factors make the biggest impact on how well your child does in school?

Confidence. Perseverance. A sense of appreciation for school.

In other words, if your child feels confident in reading, he or she is much more likely to perform well in reading. If your child believes he or she can’t do reading, he or she is going to struggle.

That’s why we periodically assess your child’s behaviors and attitudes. This helps us ensure we’re doing right by your child and your child’s confidence, perseverance and attitude toward school are improving — along with reading skills.

We consistently see results go up. Plus, we get a TON of positive feedback from parents too!

In other words, when the going gets tough, your child will be more willing to work hard to master reading. You’ll see the difference in your child’s mindset.


#5) Learning that “adapts” to your child

Our Personalized Reading Tutoring is “adaptive learning.”

This means our reading program adjusts to how well your child is doing, so your child masters reading skills without feeling rushed or bored.

Depending on how well your child performs on a reading lesson, he or she will move ahead faster or more slowly. Or, your child may get additional practice at those skills.

In addition, your child will only learn the skills he or she needs to know (rather than reviewing all reading skills), so your family can be as efficient as possible with tutoring.


#6) Reading programs for your child’s exact needs

Your child’s reading needs may be different than your neighbor’s family.

That’s why we offer different types of reading tutoring programs, rather than a one-size-fits-all approach.

At Sylvan, you’ll find:

  • Personalized Reading Tutoring. This program is typically a great fit for kids who are struggling with reading and confidence — or kids who need help getting reading skills up to grade level. Your child will get a personal learning plan just for him or her, and we guarantee results.
  • Coaching. Coaching combines homework help and skill building into one program. This program is typically a great fit if your child needs an extra boost with reading-related homework assignments or preparing for big tests.
  • Advanced Reading Skills. This program is typically a great fit for teens. High school students are often caught off guard by the amount of reading they have to do. (And don’t even get us started on the surprises that come with college-level reading!) In this program, teens learn a systematic way to double their effective reading rates, while also improving reading comprehension. You’ll watch your teen’s confidence go up, while time spent on homework and tests comes down.


Sylvan is here to help – reach out today!

We offer a free, no-pressure consultation, so you can fill us in on what’s going on with school. We’ll help you get to the root cause and explore your options. You’ll walk away from your consultation with a clear picture of whether Sylvan can help your family get reading on track.

Find out whether reading tutoring at Sylvan could be a great option for your family. Reach out to your local Sylvan center today!