5 Ways to Help Your Kids Become Better Writers

By Anna of My Life and Kids

Middle School

Writing skills have never been more important than they are right now. From emails to social media posts, nearly every single job and interaction requires some sort of writing ability.

But not all kids immediately enjoy writing, which is why we partnered with My Life and Kids to come up with five tips to help your kids become better writers, even if they don’t love writing (yet)!

1. Talk about writing

It sounds simple, but pointing out when your child writes in his or her every day life can help. Remind your child that the email they just sent grandma is an example of writing. And so is the short story they wrote (with most of the words spelled wrong) and illustrated. And yes, so is the grocery store list they helped make.

We are all writers in our own way, even if our writing is never published or for sale in a bookstore.


Talk about writing


2. Read (or listen)

Read to your younger children, even when they can read on their own. For older children, encourage them to start a book club where everyone in the family (or their friend group) reads the same book and then talks about it.

Developing a love of reading can lead to a love of writing. Although, not everyone who is a good writer loves to read. And remember, audio books can count as reading, too!

3. Utilize Sylvan’s writing programs

Almost 75% of students in America are not writing at grade level. Sylvan’s K-12 writing programs focus on grammar and mechanics, structure and process and writing more in-depth thoughtful analysis, leaving kids better prepared for schoolwork, standardized tests, college application essays and holding a job.


Utilize Sylvan's writing programs


Sylvan’s certified tutors identify your child’s writing needs and work to create a personalized learning plan. They can work with your child on school writing projects, share tips to help with writing exercises and even collaborate with your child’s teacher to help track progress and bridge gaps.

Whether your child needs help catching up to grade level, wants guidance on a specific writing assignment or is looking for extra challenges to improve their writing, Sylvan has a variety of programs available to fit your child’s needs!


Improve writing skills with Sylvan


4. Stay in touch with teachers

Don’t hesitate to reach out to your child’s teacher to see if he or she is performing at grade level, and to check if there is anything you can work on at home to help improve skills and confidence.

Staying in touch with your child’s teachers will let you know if there are any specific challenges your child is facing with writing. Plus, the teacher can inform you if there are aspects of writing your child is excelling in, then you can offer extra praise and encouragement at home!

5. Make writing fun

Be sure to keep extra notebooks, blank books and plenty of writing utensils around the house (the dollar store is a great place to stock up on these supplies). When your children have access to the materials they need to write, they can fill the notebooks with sketches, thoughts, short stories or maybe even a book with a beginning, middle and end.


Make writing fun


Making writing a fun activity can be as simple as writing an actual book. Encourage your child to tag-team writing a story with a few friends. This can be done through a shared document online, or in separate notebooks. Each child takes a turn writing a sentence, paragraph or whole chapter. It’s fun to see how each writer adds to the plot, and the group can also create artwork to accompany their book!

Another fun writing project is creating a “choose your own adventure” book. Deciding the different plot lines based off the choices your readers may make combines imagination and writing into one fun project.

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