5 Things Your Teen Can Do Now to Prepare for College

By Sylvan Learning


1. Virtual Tour

While you can’t physically tour college or university campuses now – you can virtually tour them. Many college/university websites already have virtual tours, and quite a few are bulking up that tour with opportunities to speak with admissions representatives, talk to students, etc.

And if you are a senior who is still trying to figure which school you want to attend from your accepted list you should commit to, you should be hearing from all of your schools. When you hear from schools, it gives you an opportunity to ask questions, speak to faculty and other students. They are still there to help you – albeit remotely!


2. Create Your College/University List

Typically, when deciding what schools to apply to teens create a list that includes some dream, match and some safety schools. Start this list, but perhaps think about adding more local schools to your list.


3. Stay in Touch With Your Guidance Counselor

While you may not be able to physically go meet with your Guidance Counselor – it’s important to stay in touch. Find out how grades will be determined this year, as colleges will still be looking at your GPA. Ask questions! Chances are your guidance counselor may be hearing less from students, so it’s a great time to touch base.


4. Keep Doing Your Work

It’s important to stay on top of the work that is assigned to you, hand it in on time and try your best. Keep in touch with your teachers, access as many video chats with them as you can, and be sure to ask for help when needed. Keep building those relationships with your teachers too, as you will also need them to write your letters of recommendation.


5. Prepare for College Level Work and the SAT/ACT

While the SAT and ACT tests may be on hold for a little while, they aren’t going anywhere. These tests determine your readiness for college-level work. Right now, while it’s not possible to continue with most extra-curricular activities, you have time to really make sure you are prepared! So take a practice test, work on preparing for those tests, start your college application essay—you have the time!


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