5 Reasons Juniors Should Take the ACT or SAT in June

By Sylvan Learning

Test Prep

“When’s the best time to take the ACT or SAT exam?” It’s a question we hear a lot, particularly from families who have juniors. Here are five reasons we strongly recommend that juniors take the ACT or SAT exam in June.

#1: Senior year is going to be hectic.

You think junior year is busy? So, about that. Get ready to take it up a notch. We’re talking more college visits, the whole college application process, essay writing, taking advanced classes, prepping for AP tests, keeping up with sports, extracurriculars and social life… Whew! We get tired just talking about all of it. To finish high school strong, your soon-to-be-senior is going to have A LOT going on. Think of the June exam as the calm before the storm.


#2: In June, content from school is still fresh in your teen’s mind.

Now, we realize that your teenager’s short-term memory may be a debatable topic in your household. Nonetheless, there is something to be said for taking the ACT or SAT while junior-year classes are still top of mind. Kids can lose up to 2-1/2 months of learning over the summer. Your son or daughter has learned so much this year and worked way too hard. Why let summer brain drain affect his or her test results? Exactly! Take the June exam.

#3: Your teen has the summer to focus on skills and subjects that need some fine-tuning.

The short of it is, nearly all kids have room for improvement. And with college admissions being as competitive as they are, summer is a great time to look into ACT prep and SAT prep. When your son or daughter takes the exam in June, you’ll be able to see which skill areas need help. Then, your teen can focus on those weak spots in July and August. When the exam rolls around again in the fall, your teen will be prepared and more confident. Taking the test multiple times gives your teen the best chance for success!


#4: Many colleges “superscore,” so it’s worth taking the ACT or SAT several times, including in June.

Many colleges around the country use superscoring, and yes, it’s the closest thing to giving your junior ACT or SAT superpowers. Here’s how it works: If your son or daughter takes the exam several times, these colleges won’t accept the best overall score from a single test. Rather, they’ll take the highest section scores from across the tests and put them together to make a superscore. So, if your teen scores really high on math in June, he or she can keep that score for the next time. (Cool, right?) Tip! Be sure to find out whether your child’s desired colleges use superscores.

#5: The best test results come from the best test prep.

There’s an art to taking the ACT and SAT exams. Part of it is learning test-taking strategies and getting to know the flow of each exam. And part of it is strengthening skills and knowledge in specific subject areas. Sylvan’s ACT test prep and SAT test prep programs are special because they cover both aspects. We help teens master the test-taking strategies they need to be successful. We also help them focus on the individual skill areas that need the most work.

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With the June exams coming up, March and April are ideal months to sign up for Sylvan’s ACT prep, SAT prep or one of our free practice tests. And yes, we offer our test prep programs over the summer too, so your teen can get ready for the fall exams. For more information about schedules and pricing for our test prep programs, contact your local Sylvan center.