5 Fun Indoor Activities for Kids

By Sylvan Learning

5 Fun Indoor Activities for Kids

Spring is almost here, and with it comes warmer days, blossoming gardens – and the rainy season. Just as kids are starting to get excited about breaking out of the house, they get sidelined with the wet weather. Here are some fun –and even educational – indoor activities for kids to keep them occupied on a rainy day:

1. Follow this fun guide from Real Simple that includes instructions on how to  set up your own indoor treasure hunt, which can also be an exercise for the brain. Create exciting clues using word problems or simple math to help kids figure out where to go to next or teach younger children about letters by having them search for items that start with each letter of the alphabet.

2. Break out the board games for some fun (and competitive) family time. Play Monopoly and turn it into a fun lesson about budgeting, or gather around the Scrabble board to work on spelling and language arts skills with your kids!

3. Stretch your family’s imagination with one of the many craft ideas on Parents.com. Search by season, ages and materials to find the right craft for all your kids! Take it a step further and have your kids recreate famous works of art. It will be fun to see them interpret well-known paintings using their own creativity, while they learn about famous artists in the process.


Creative little boys in art class


4. Fire up the oven and bake a batch of everyone’s favorite cookies. For some extra educational flair, turn your baking into a mini-math lesson and show your kids how they can apply what they know about fractions to real life.

5. Read your child’s favorite book aloud and ask them to write a short story continuing where the book left off. See what kinds of fun and crazy adventures they can come up with for the characters they already know and love!


Boy learning to write alphabet characters