3 Educators’ Advice to Parents

By Sylvan Learning

Middle School

Emily Levitt, Sylvan’s VP of Education, recently connected with two other experienced educators to give parents advice for school in fall 2020. Job Grotsky, Assistant Principal at a Baltimore City public school, and, Tracy Alexander, an independent school teacher in Anne Arundel County, both weighed in on the “new” state of education.

Emily and Job, who are both working parents and educators, shared how difficult online school can be for families who are juggling full-time work and at-home school roles.

“We’re both in education, theoretically, we should both know exactly what to do,” says Emily.

“But, we don’t always have all the answers, do we?” replied Job.

No one has ALL the answers, which is why Emily, Job and Tracy remind parents to not put too much pressure on themselves. Here’s what they advise:

Create a schedule.

Young children thrive on routines, so Job recommends creating a consistent schedule and adhering to it. However, he cautions that the schedule not be so rigid that it can’t be adjusted as needed.

Think through the little things.

If your child is home part (or all) of the week, think about how your child is going to: take a break, grab lunch, ask questions while you’re working, etc. Plan for these things so they become part of your child’s normal routine.

Set realistic expectations.

Don’t have set such high expectations for yourself that you’re not going to meet them. And, remember, self care is so important right now (for both parents and children!). If you or your child need to occasionally take a day off from school work, take a day off. Don’t be too hard on yourself.

Practice wearing a mask.

It’s an adjustment for kids who have in-person activities and school! Make sure your child is used to wearing a mask. And, remind your child to only put the mask on and take it off when his or her hands are clean.

Breathe. We’re all in this together.

Yes, your child’s school is going to look different for a while. But all of us are dealing with changes, so your child is not alone. (And neither are you!)

This time in history is a big, unexpected experiment when it comes to education. And it’s really difficult for kids, parents and teachers to adjust to everything! But as Emily wisely reminds us …

“Necessity is the mother of invention.  I’m hoping that when all of this is said and done, we will have learned a lot of really good things that we can apply to post-COVID life that will benefit everyone.”

Feeling overwhelmed with managing it all?

Your local Sylvan is here for your family! We have a variety of programs to support your child’s academic needs this year. From in-person School Support to live, online tutoring sessions, we can help your family manage this year!